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Anonymous asked:

Care to give a Texas guy a dare?

Go outside your garden and undress. Do this in the evening/night; but try to light it up a little. Masturbate ‘till you cum without holding back on the noises. Take a picture or video of it. 


Anonymous asked:

What's the craziest dare you can throw at me???

Take a picture of yourself totally naked showing all of your body. Be sure to smile. You may not cover your face at all.Send picture for posting


School’s Out: An Epic Ride…in the nude from jr98664 on Vimeo.

Please be advised: this short film contains some artistic nudity. As such, if you’re not comfortable watching this, (or not of legal age,) please do not watch this film.

This is the exact same four-mile-long commute that I cycle to school every day. Only, this was my commute to my last day ever of high school. Why not go out with a bang?…a big, bare bang.

This was filmed entirely by my friends on an iPhone, cell phone, and my Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Edited by myself with iMovie ’09 on an Intel Mac Mini built in ’06.

No laws were broken by me during this film.

(Source: caligula95)



Russian or so walkin naked on the street, yummy ass yummy guy!

That is one hot Russian

Here’s another great dare. Anyone want to submit a video like this



Another russian or so stripping naked in public !! love ittttttttt

Another hot Russian. I need to visit if these things happen often.

Anyone have balls enough to do a dare like this

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